Winter Towers

“Introduce yourself…” Well, Im Elliot.

Ive called lower slower home for over twenty years now. Been through the long winters and ever seemingly shorter and shorter summers. Living in a seasonal beach town has always been a balance between fast and slow paced. My summers were always spent working at restaurants or beach shacks with any free time left for going to the beach to skimboard or simply do nothing. While the winters were a time to slow down and enjoy the time away from the masses, or travel and spend some of that hard earned money from the summer.

Through various friendships made through skim boarding and working at local bars, I found my way into the digital media space. From posting pictures to instagram, then posting pictures with a little more thought behind them, then creating an instagram for my dog Levi!  I found I really enjoyed creating content from my local town and sharing it with the people who also called it home or people who wished it was. With words of encouragement and maybe some not so gentle nudges, I bought my first drone. This is where photography took off for me. (PUN INTENDED) Seeing a place I’ve lived all my life from a completely different perspective was pretty incredible. Beaches I’ve spent countless hours on looked drastically different from the drones perspective, and our tiny town seemed a lot bigger then I once thought it was.The drone has allowed me to share these views with all the people that call Delaware home, and its been amazing to see the same responses that I had when I first explored the Southern Delaware skies.

Seeing people enjoy the pictures and videos I was putting out with my first drone has led me to take the leap and upgrade to a new, more capable drone, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. While my first drone was amazing and helped me learn the tools of the trade, it seems like a point and shoot camera compared to this new one. From intelligent flight modes, a four kilometer flight range, and endless camera setting to change, this new drone was an undertaking. All the different options can be overwhelming when just going out for a quick flight, but through trial and error, and practice, it’s allowed me to capture more of the beautiful landscapes that make Delmarva home. Ive found keeping things simple with the drone has allowed me to share the simplicity of our quaint beach town, which is a major reason I believe people love this place. I hope you enjoy the video and my work to come!