The Undateables – The Next Generation of Barrel Room Musicians

Burley Oak Brewery, in our little town of Berlin, has been a center for great live music over the past several years.  Often hosting local and original acts in the tap room on regular weekend nights and even bringing some big acts like, the Marcus King Band, to play outside on the more recently erected stage.  Back in 2015, before The Cellar portion of the Burley Campus was created, it was used for storage of barrels for their aging program.  At that time we decided to carve out a little space and get some friends with the skills as lay down a couple recording sessions.  We called it the Barrel room sessions and was just a chance to create a couple of lasting recordings of some of our favorite regional musicians during a little downtime in the winter months.  

We have gone back to this pet project a handful of times over the years even utilizing other locations such as the Bourbon  Barrel room of Bethany Blues.  It has developed into a nice collection of videos on our modest youtube channel. Check out some great recordings from Pressing Strings, Skibe, and one of the first recordings of Joey Harkum playing C’est la Vie (25k views so far.)  So of course, it only seemed appropriate to add the Undateables live performance to the channel as well.  This group of high school punks have played a handful of events including the last weeks Eastern shore IMBA fundraiser.  These boys come from good stock with all three of them having parents who are accomplished musicians.  Don’t be fooled though, they are talented in their own right and feel right at home playing in front of the bar crowd.

We are always looking to do more with fresh faces and even locations let us know who and where you’d like to see some Barrel Room sessions.