An Experiment in Unplugging by Someone Who Is Attached to Screens

[text_output]I work in Digital Marketing. I am on Facebook constantly for clients, which means it’s easy to get sucked into it personally as well. I build WordPress websites. I read my news on my phone. With the political climate of late I have been sucked into the vortex of negativity and it has taken its toll on my physical and emotional state. 

Todd suggested that I unplug, he even suggested that I go to sunny Florida to get some sun and much needed Vitamin D. But no, I could not leave behind work for that long…So my idea was to head west to the quaint little township of St. Michaels, where I could get to easy enough and for a short enough time to be ok leaving behind my computer, but long enough to make a difference in my mindset.

I stayed at Five Gables Inn & Spa right on Talbot Street, a quiet, cozy Inn with fireplaces in every room, which was perfect for a blustery March night. I bundled up and ventured out to some local restaurants to grab a bite, take some photos and get some fresh air, all without my phone. Was quite refreshing! Grabbed some lunch at Ava’s, which included amazing meatballs served by the piece as appetizers. Checked out some side streets, walked down to the water and wandered through some small town shops. Took a nap. And had dinner…

Something that I imagined would be virtually impossible for me, ended up being exactly what I needed! Not only do I suggest taking a break from all things digital on a regular basis, but definitely go see St. Michaels! Great food, atmosphere and close enough to get away without having to travel too far![/text_output]

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Natalee DeHart
[email protected]

I moved to the Eastern Shore to enjoy a slower pace of life after spending several years working in fast-paced settings. Earning a BA from Towson University and an MA in Education from Loyola University provided me with the drive to progress in many business fields. As the owner of Good Clean Fun Life, an arts and entertainment magazine online, I have had the opportunity to spread good vibes, promote entertainment, artists, and events across the Mid-Atlantic region. GCFL provides me with many opportunities to practice a few of my favorite hobbies: photography, socializing, and blogging. GCFL is now headed in a new and exciting direction, allowing me to grow this into a full time venture in Digital Promotion using Content Strategy and Media Production.