George Clinton Headlines 9th Year of Baltimore Music Festival | Frozen Harbor Music Festival

It may have seemed like an eternity, but the month of January has finally come to a end! Seriously, how was New Year’s Eve only a month ago? The long, interminable stretch of winter continues to creep forward as we enter the typically cold and dark month of February, but as the days get longer, and the second month of 2018 gets underway, we look forward to our favorite February event. Nope, we are definitely not referring to Valentine’s Day. We’re talking about the Frozen Harbor Music Festival! 2 days. 10 stages. 160 artists. All in the heart of Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor. Wintertime blues, your cure has arrived!

For us, the Frozen Harbor Festival is oozing with nostalgia. Nine years ago, not long after we embarked on a journey of documenting good, clean fun, the festival got its own humble start, with what would be the beginning of an annual gathering of bands each February under the direction of ‘Pirate Rob.’ a.k.a. Rob Bryan. Held for 4 years as Pirate Rob’s Birthday Bash before evolving into the Frozen Harbor Music Festival (now in its 5th year), we are now heading into our 9th year of making the February pilgrimage to Baltimore to enjoy the gathering of incredible local, regional, and more recently national, musical acts. Good, clean fun at it’s finest!

Hosted by One Koast, the 2018 Frozen Harbor Music Festival has some big name national acts, including Keller Williams and George Clinton, as well as celebrating the 25th anniversary of Jimmie’s Chicken Shack. Spanning two days – February 16th and 17th – with 160 artists performing across 10 stages, this year’s festival is primed to be as fun as ever.

Get your tickets and join us! We’ll be on the scene with cameras in tow, listening to our favorite bands and discovering new ones to add to our lineup of must-see acts for summer (yes, we’re already dreaming of summer).

Baltimore, we’re coming for ya!