Dewey Raw Ep 25 “The Audio Show”

We had a great show, that we got a little less than half of.  It was a real shame, cause our intern Maddie had some great prep in making sure Travis was available for an interview and had even done some pre roll of the 11th annual Stache Crawl of Dewey. We had a great intro with Dicky and then we hit a malfunction or more accurately dead batteries. A mic cut out and we were right on top of it swapped out batteries for new ones.  PA lesson #5 always have battery back up back was adhered to however double checking the audio after the batteries are changed, PA lesson #5b, was not.  We are not above owning up to our mistakes so we have a little fun on our office day to bring some of the footage to you.  

What you missed I’m sure will be repeated in some form in the weeks to come, except for the Travis interview.  For some reason, I’ve lost audio on him a couple times and I’m starting to think that he is an audio vampire and his silky smooth voice can’t be recorded much like a vampire’s reflection can’t be seen.  Oh well, we’ll keep trying and promise to do better.  The one thing that we have held to is that we def do things Raw.