Family Tradition – A Next Gen Film Project

We here at GCFL productions have been working on creating new content for ourselves and clients for a number of years.  In fact you can trace the roots of our business back to more than 20 years ago when we started a little Zine for friends.  In that time we have created a great body of work that has included artist spotlights,  guest writing spots, and a deep catalog of pictures.

our office

Our humble home office

In more recent years we have been able to add more and more video which has always been my particular medium of choice. But somewhere along the way we created something else to enrich our creative portfolio.  Our kids.  Nellie and Brodie are coming of age now, and they see their parents in front of screens editing and creating or heading out the door with equipment and cameras in tow.  I know they appreciate some of the benefits of our work, namely when we come home with leftovers from a food shoot.

We have always known the importance of fostering creativity for our kids but have never pushed our work on them.  It would seem that they have not only taken an interest in the type of stuff we do but have developed their own style of storytelling.  Who knows what will become of this interest, but for know we can enjoy one of the first pieces of their portfolio that was done for Nellies Digital Arts class at Worcester Tech, and in collaboration with her assignment partner Dave.