Available space on Youtube.

Casey Neistat has been a presence on Youtube for quite a while and has shaped the way a lot of people produce content.  For the past year and a half he has been doing a daily vlog, which has amassed a ridiculous 5.7 subscribers along with billions of views while making a living by just filming his daily routine.  His unseen impact is the countless people who have emulated him, admired his work, and drawn inspiration to create quality work of their own.  I myself have always felt like he was a creative colleague that I would check in on from time to time.

So why is he stopping his vlog?  Casey is a creative, the kind of creative that has a hunger for whats next.  He didn’t just come out of nowhere, he was a Youtube creator before he was a daily vlogger and he was film maker before he was a Youtube creator.  Casey has taken chances along the way to find what the next “big thing” is for him,  and as he says, “with each success comes a bigger and more ambitious goal.”  So he is stopping the daily to focus more on the thoughtful stuff.  No doubt that his next thing will build on the successes he has had along the way.

So why should you care?  Take a peek at his last video, there is plenty of inspiration for finding what may be next for you.  Also, realize that it’s never too late to start that creative passion project you have.  I want to create more quality content on a regular basis, and yes there is a lot (like a lot, a lot) of content out there; however, there is always opportunity too.  Maybe some of us can capture the attention of a couple of Casey’s five million+ subscribers.  Maybe the next boom of young people coming up will need a place to find there own inspiring/interesting person.  No one really knows whats coming next but as one person jumps to their opportunity, it leaves a space for yours.