Return of the Mack(y’s)

Oh sweet, sweet summer, you are so close we can taste you. Then again, perhaps that’s the Deep Eddy Peach talking…Either way, we are ready for summer to get her sweet ass here so that we can comfortably enjoy our beverages outside, seven days a week. With summer’s arrival comes the return of one of our favorite Ocean City watering holes – Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grill. Truth be told, Macky’s has a pretty fantastic menu selection, but because we have booze and entertainment on the brain today, we’ll focus on the latter. This time next week, we’ll be crossing the threshold of Macky’s, kicking off what is sure to be another fantastic summer of theme-parties, dance parties, cool cocktails, and the youthful exuberance that emanates from a dance floor crowded with a herd of idealistic twenty-somethings. That’s not to say there’s not fun to be had for us older folks, after all, the GCFL crew is all in the 30-plus age bracket (hard to believe, I know). Whether you’re up for a serene sunset happy hour or ready to rage well past midnight, Macky’s can certainly cure what ails you.

Each summer, Good Clean Fun Life has the honor of hosting the weekly theme parties at Macky’s, which never seems to get old for some reason. Week after week we make the trek into town to enjoy another Tuesday of documenting the latest and greatest costume collaborations that Ocean City’s finest have decided to parade through the door of Macky’s. The ingenuity never ceases to amaze. What’s in store for Tuesday Theme Parties in 2016?? Let’s take a look:


May 31st: Ocean City Tourist

June 7th: Mardi Gras

June 14th: Tight & Bright 80s Party

June 21st: Toga!

June 28th: Red, White & Blue

July 5th: State Pride Night

July 12th: Redneck Ball

July 19th: Mustache Bash

July 26th (and our personal favorite): Anything But Clothes

August 2nd (runner up for personal favorite): I Love the 90s

August 16th: Animation Celebration

August 23rd: Doctors & Nurses

August 30th: Pajama Jammy Jam



There you have it…start planning your outfits and meet us Macky’s!

And in the meantime, take a look at Tuesday Theme Parties past: