A Burley Oak and Dogfish Head Collaboration

Five years ago  I heard that a guy from Salisbury was going to open a brewery in my cool small town.  I figured it would be a great opportunity to document the process.  That’s when I met Bryan Brushmiller.  Since then he has become a good friend.   We’ve drank beers, travelled to tap take overs, debated over entrepreneurship, interviewed pro skaters, done a Kickstarter campaign, had a couple dance parties and even run through our town dressed as our “spirit animals.”  Suffice it to say we’ve done some pretty cool shit.

Being a lover of craft beer and seeing my friend and colleague grow into a successful brand has been very rewarding. So having the opportunity to document his first ever collaboration was cool, the fact that it was with Dogfish Head, THE brand in craft beer, was even cooler. The fact that Sam was going to come and hang out  all day in Berlin to help with the brew day was the coolest.

Here is a little video that I put together for a little behind the scenes of the brew day that went into the Burley / Dogfish first.  Sam and his staff were incredibly gracious and fit very well with the Burley ethos. Their first collaboration together on a beer that will be featured at the Extreme Beer Fest in Feb 2016.  However you can try it now at either the Burley Tap room in Berlin MD or the Dogfish Brew Pub in Rehoboth DE.