G Love Acoustic at The Starboard | Dewey Beach DE Live Music

Over 5 years ago I began my adventure into photographing live music acts, with zero experience yet full of the passion needed to push me forward.  To me I was just photographing something I enjoyed so much my entire life, that I think it came through the lens the same. Anything in life that you are passionate about is worth pursuing. Every day I learn more and continue to grow in my craft, never will I be the best and I am ok with that.

This past week G Love came to play an intimate show at The Starboard in Dewey Beach, DE and we had the pleasure of being up front for this show. Hands down this was the best live music experience I have had in a very long time, it was just what the doctor ordered. Music is medicine, in many ways… bringing a smile to your face, spurring memories of good times past, or mending a broken heart. I was able to capture some photos of that good time on Thursday, of both Chris Kasper who opened the show, as well as G Love himself entertaining the crowd.

Just remember, pursue your passion, whatever it may be…