Cheers to Our Friends at Burley Oak Brewery | Craft Beer Berlin MD

Humble BeginningsOne cold winter night in February 2011 we were told about a building on Old Ocean City Road in Berlin that was going to become a brewery, and that there was a tasting of sorts to take place. Out of pure curiosity we stopped by, camera in hand, and that was the first time we met Bryan Brushmiller. Fast forward to the present, Burley Oak Brewery has quickly become a great neighborhood gathering place where you can enjoy craft beer, original music & good company. We have enjoyed documenting the progress from those humble beginnings: brewing, opening day and everything since.

The team at Burley Oak is focused on their craft of creating new brews, featuring musical acts that are new to the area and supporting the surrounding community. Built 1 pint at a time, from grain to glass… Stay tuned for some new exciting things to come from these guys.