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earthdayEarth Day is here again, another year come and gone. Since last year have you tried anything new to give back to Mother Nature, the world, and our environment. Even the smallest things can make a difference, even just planting one tree can be a huge contribution to the world we live in. Think if all of us just planted one tree or even just started to recycle whatever we could. How different would our world be this time next year? What if we all made a vow for the rest of 2014 to just do one thing to contribute to a cleaner, greener world to live in, it could make a huge difference in the way we all live. (Especially our children and they’re children behind them) Need some ideas… here’s 25 to help you get started! Happy Earth Day. Remember to get outside even if it’s raining and enjoy some fresh air, if you’re lucky some sunshine, and rub some dirt on your skin when no one’s looking-we won’t tell anyone! ūüėČ

  1. Save the bees-(we’re destroying them daily with the chemicals from factory farms, find out how to fight back! Here’s one of my favorite organizations, I’ve been apart of and contributing to them for 6 years now.¬†www.greatsunflower.org.
  2.  Plant a tree or lots of trees!
  3. Share a ride– learn to carpool when you can.
  4. Save electricity– lower your heat in the winter/turn up the thermostat in the summer.
  5. Find out if your eligible for solar panels for your home.
  6. Shop local farmers markets-buy seasonal and cut back on emissions.
  7. Clean up a highway-nothing looks worse than trash filled roads and highways.
  8. Leave your car behind completely– grab a skateboard, bike, or your running shoes
  9. Start a garden. Get the kids outside and away from the video games. Time to get your hands dirty!!
  10. Keep the beaches clean- only leave your footprints. Take everything home that you bring out-every time!
  11. Recycle¬†-it’s a no-brainer.
  12. Reduce, Reuse, Restore, Replenish
  13. Turn off the tv, computers, radios, phones, lights, and just get outside!
  14. Upcycle for kids crafts and gifts.
  15. Conserve water. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth and those cups of water lying around half-finished, don’t dump them down the drain-water a house plant. (Learned that one from my dad and love that one!)
  16. Learn to compost!
  17. Grow Food not Lawns! Forget grass in the front year, dig it up and grow your own food.
  18. Donate your time or money to organizations that make a difference to the environment or the world.
  19. Join an organization in your area.¬†Such as “The Chesapeake Bay Foundation,” “Surf riders Association,” check out the cool groups you can get involved in, in your area.
  20. Be more sustainable. If you can have your own chickens build a coop, build a raised bed even if it’s just for herbs, or plant flowers and beautify an area.
  21. Make a rain barrel. Catch the rain to conserve water usage.
  22. Go Digital- reduce paper use with billing, newsletters, and magazines.
  23. Replace disposable water bottle and coffee cups for reusable ones.
  24. Change out paper and plastic bags for reusable ones. Even for your lunchbox! Some grocery stores give you money back on your grocery bill for using reusable bags! Bonus!
  25. Go Green!!! Enough said! ūüôā

photo cred: www.suvannamacchapilates.com

Happy Earth Day!!