Skip the Gym! Try These New Exercises Instead! | Farm Foodie Fitness

aerialIt’s Gym Season Again! Everyone rushes to the gym from Jan 2-Feb 13 and then everyone disappears until the first really warm day and thoughts of bikini season right corner. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to the gym when every treadmill is full, the free weight room is loaded with a bunch of sweaty, groaning guys staring at you through the mirror, and they’re on all the nautilus equipment too! And if you want to do any ab work or planking on a mat? Forget about finding space for that too! So why not skip the gym? Instead of fighting for the sweaty incline bench for a couple of chest press reps and tricep extensions, check out these new exercises.

Aerial Yoga:

Aerial yoga is an incredible way to exercise. It uses a circus hammock as a tool to help students achieve the traditional Yoga positions. The weight of the body is either partially or fully supported by the hammock. It is challenging! It allows the student to push themselves a little further, getting deeper into their positions, stretches, and extensions without the force of gravity. Aerial Yoga concentrates on deep breathing and letting go of stress, and reinforces a sense of calm, serenity, and focus.


Tabata” is a type of workout program that provides similar health benefits to that of cardio workouts, but Tabata is a little more unique. Instead of hours upon hours or exercise, it can be completed in 4 to 30 minutes. Tabata falls under the category of high intensity training or “HIIT”. The mindset is to have these short, intense workouts to improve athleticism and fat burning, cardio vascular health, and boost metabolism. It was invented by Japansese scientist Izumi Tabata and originally designed for Olympic speed skaters.

Ballet Barre:

Who doesn’t want the body of a dancer? Up your workout with this hour-long high intensity class to tone your entire body. Ballet barre will tone up your tush, flatten your belly, and give you the legs of a dancer. Work muscles you never knew you had! Regain balance and coordination and strengthen your core. Booty barre classes are taking the country by storm. Find a studio near you, you won’t regret it!

So get out there, change it up. and skip the gym. Challenge your body to work a little differently and harder and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time!