Power of Body Language | Stand Tall

wonder-womanAll my life people have told me to “stand up straight”, “put your shoulders back” or “don’t hunch”. As a shy child and into my late teens, I think the slouchy posture was a way of protecting myself from the things that made me feel uncomfortable. Now that I am older and not nearly as shy, I still struggle to maintain proper posture. When I am being lazy, or feeling down I tend to resort back to the slouchy inward posture. But if I am out on my own, whether it be photographing a city or meeting with potential clients, I feel my shoulders go back and I stand taller, almost the opposite effect from when I was younger. When in unfamiliar surroundings I feel if I appear taller, stronger, more confident, I will be perceived as such.

This is something I was never fully conscious of until I watched the TED Talk on Body Language Shapes Who You Are. Amy Cuddy was the presenter and for whatever the reason I was greatly moved by this talk. This made me much more aware of my own body language in general, but more so that even when I don’t feel my most confident or secure, if I position myself as such I can change how I feel.

Some large, sudden changes occurred in my life that rattled my confidence to its core. For awhile I moped and doubted not only my abilities but myself. My wonderful support system smacked me back to reality and closer to my old confident self. As a woman starting a business I tend to question the decisions I make and second guess myself at times. Now I know, after learning the power of body language, I just take a couple moments to stand tall and proud, in the wonder Woman stance.

If you appear confident and strong you will be perceived as such. Stand Tall!