Be Brave | Year of No Fear

braves_princess_merida-wideI welcome a new year, but I don’t really make resolutions. Every day we should resolve to better ourselves, try something new and persevere. Change has always been something I welcomed, but the last 4 months have been full of the unknown. I am a planner, so the unknown truly scares me. Many days I have heart palpitations and feel on the verge of tears at times. A wise man once told me to speak positively, as that translates into positive outcomes. My daily goal is to speak and think positive, and to be brave in my decisions.

Success is on the horizon, and I am ready to make the necessary leap to make it mine. Sometimes we need to step outside of our minds to see what we need to achieve our goals. I am ready to fight for what is to be mine. I am proclaiming this to be the #YearOfNoFear and look forward to trying new things as they come my way. If you see me or hear me stressing about the unknown, feel free to pinch me as a reminder that I need to be brave.

Here is a video that inspired me in the last moments of 2013