Resolutions?!?! Ughhh! Make a 2014 Bucket List Instead!

new-yearsResolutions!?!? Just the thought of them makes you want to give up before even writing them down. Lose weight, eat better, go to the gym, make more time for myself, learn something new, blah, blah, blah. It’s the same thing every year! What if we just skip the resolutions and make a 2014 bucket list instead? Definitely sounds like more fun to me! Who wants to write out a ton of resolutions to give up before the end of January? If you’re anything like me I write 25 down each year and most times I get a little over half and some tend to be so far out of my reach I set myself up for failure.

Now just glancing at them, out of the 25 I wrote down, only 10 were actually accomplished, so that’s less than half. But I did accomplish a few big ones so they count as double right? 😉 So, why do we torture ourselves every January 1, to make ourselves set goals and inspirations to accomplish, but in reality we just knock ourselves down in less than 4 weeks and make the next 48 weeks hell, because we feel so bad about it!

So instead of resolutions this year, why not do a bucket list for 2014. You can write them out, type them up, make a vision board, or collage them to poster board to see them everyday. Take photos when you accomplish them and hang them on your wall. The possibilities are endless; instead of tucking them inside a journal that you only open once in a while or writing them on scrap paper that eventually gets lost in the shuffle.

A bucket list can consist of anything from trying a new recipe, starting a garden, traveling to another country, trying something new, or going for broke. Make new friends, get rid of the crappy ones, be grateful, take a hot yoga class, be more patient, grow something from a seed. Start a business, buy your dream car, pay off debt, start new debt, (if it helps you reach your dreams!) go back to school. Learn to fly, surf, fish, sail, or run. Read a book a month, turn off the tv, call your grandparents, be forgiving, find spirituality, surprise someone, give back, become a mentor. Chase fireflies, make root beer floats, have a bonfire on the beach. Join a team, have a girls or guys weekend, pamper yourself or your best friend. Start over, trust again, let go, be kind, fall in love again and again. Crawl in bed with the kids, heal your pain, hold hands, and do everything and anything that makes you happy.

There’s my list! 😉 Well some of it! Hope this blog post brings you inspiration and some excitement for 2014! Go into the new year with your head held high, hopes even higher, and a list of dreams and goals that you can reach and accomplish. Happy New Year to all my readers! Thank you for a great 2013!!!