Holiday Cards – Happy Holidays to All!

We enjoy oddball holiday cards…

Some people do an amazing job of capturing an incredible photo that could be used for their greeting, but we had a difficult time doing so with children. Instead we decided to create a different version of the standard holiday cards. We have been inspired by so many of the creative cards out there, keep on creating! This year we have spent so much time renovating a hundred year old home, andĀ couldn’tĀ help but realize the perfect card for this year would be our version of American Gothic. Happy holidays to everyone and best wishes for a great 2012!

**UPDATE** We decided for 2012 we would do a more classic holiday card, to appease the family and grandparents. For 2013 see the most recent post for our card!


2012 Holiday Card


2011 Holiday Card


2010 Holiday Card


2007 – Trailer Trash Christmas
2008 – Adapted from Halloween costumes
2006 – Stepford Holiday