Oilers Car Club Race of Gentlemen | Wildwood, NJ

web-race-of-gentleman-0517As a lifelong Marylander, I was probably one of a few who did not grow up going to Ocean City, MD. Instead we went to the Jersey Shore every year, Wildwood to be exact. The beach is huge and has the softest, finest sand around with a boardwalk that blows away the boardwalk here in MD, with not just one pier of rides but multiple. This weekend I did something I rarely do… I was spontaneous and did something without planning ahead of time. At the last minute, I decided to make the drive to Wildwood for the Race of Gentlemen.

The Oilers Car Club, established in 1947, hosts this annual beach race, this year held on the beaches of Wildwood, NJ. Walking down the beach to the starting line, was quite a site to see. Cars & bikes from another era, lined up with the ocean as the backdrop, spitting sand as they race down the beach. Next year I look forward to making it for the entire weekend and staying for the party!

Natalee DeHart
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