3 Essential Oils for a Healthy Lifestyle | Farm Foodie Fitness

images (6)For the last year I have been incorporating essential oils into my lifestyle, almost daily. I’m not too fond of going to the doctors and I quickly run away from the prescript pad. I have to be seriously miserable to take something, including aspirin. I can’t remember that last time I took anything other than vitamins, especially since I’ve been studying and learning more about essential oils and how to incorporate them into our everyday lives. Everything from belly aches and difficulty sleeping, to cleaning the house and making my own sunscreen without chemicals or parabens. This especially comes in handy with 2 small children and husband that often acts like a child when he doesn’t feel well. 🙂 I’ve even used them on our Weimaraner who continually has digestive issues.

Just this weekend I scrubbed the house down with a couple drops of lemon oil, made the house smell like we were in Provence with a little lavender, cured a doggie belly ache, cleared up a constant bout of swimmers ear, incorporated natural bug spray with no chemicals, relieved some serious neck muscle tension, and made the whole family sleep like babies in a matter or minutes! Intrigued yet??? If you want to know more about how to incorporate essential oils into your lifestyle keep reading or leave me a message here or on my website. But in the meantime here’s 3 essential oils to incorporate for a everyday healthy lifestyle.


The best oil for belly aches and nausea. You remember when you used to get a tummy ache and your grandmother would try to give you a peppermint and it was always the last thing you wanted to put in your mouth. Well it honestly works! It helps with digestion, freshens your breath, even eases breathing when you’re congested. Put it in your water for a refreshing taste, relieve muscle tension, even inhale it as an appetite suppression.


This oil is also known as tea tree oil and it can take on just about anything, bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Kills them on contact. I can be used for cuts, dandruff, even acne. It is also an immune booster and perfect for any skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis. Still not a believer?? My 4-yr old daughter has been a fish this summer in the pool. Diving down to the bottom to grab toys, swimming across the pool by herself, with that has come some serious swimmers ear! I used to be a swimmer growing I remember how bad it hurts, not fun! I tried the alcohol and water, swim drops, nothing was working. So I grabbed some Melaleuca dabbed 2 drops behind her ear, she laid down for an hour and half nap and guess what no more ear ache!!!


My favorite sent by far! I have so much lavender you would think I have fields of it in my back yard. It’s great for calming the mind, diminishes scars, helps with relaxation and motion sickness. Reduces pain and swelling in bee stings, repairs dry chapped lips, but most of all it aids in a great nights sleep. Add a couple drops to your pillow, and you’re guaranteed to be in REM sleep in less than 10 minutes. I haven’t slept this well since before I had babies and now my little ones won’t go to bed without it on their pillows!

So just by adding these three essential oils to your home and medicine cabinet you can increase your health and lifestyle with just a little lavender to help lull you to sleep instead of those heavy sleep aids that leave you drowsy the next day. Kills viruses and bacteria with a little Melaleuca and even stop a belly ache with a little peppermint. Be sure to always read the instructions for essential oils, pregnant women should be extra careful and some oils should be diluted for children and people with sensitive skin. Leave me a comment and let me know which ones you try out!! 😉