Body of Work

1072429_10201337696063943_1180818814_oIn the age of Instagrams, Facebook posts and minute by minute Tweets, it’s important not to lose sight of the concept of developing a body of work. I recently changed jobs and what I’m doing now is helping people display their businesses body of work using digital media. It is an opportunity that arose because of the body of work that I have gathered primarily with Good Clean Fun. Creating consistent, quality content over the last four years including taking pictures, writing blog posts and producing videos showcasing the lighter side of life in the Ocean City area and surrounding region has created a great portfolio.

They say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. I feel that I’ve been headed that way for sometime now. It hasn’t been just the execution of one simple idea that has gotten me even close to where I want to be, it’s been dedication and sacrifices of sleep and relaxation that has helped to create this body of work with GCFL. Equally important are the inspirations and trainings that I’ve seen from some of the people that I’ve worked with and have been honored to know.

We first moved to the beach 15 years ago and started working for development company, Carl M. Freeman Companies. It’s hard to think of an organization in the area that has a greater and more extensive body of work; not just in terms of beautiful neighborhoods, but in giving back to the community and supporting the arts. Carl M. Freeman’s support for the arts is well known in the DC area, and his son and my friend Josh, even after his untimely death continues a legacy. Building that body of work, here on the shore via the The Freeman Stage run by his wife Michelle. Such a great venue in a beautiful neighborhood located on a beautiful golf course that has been drawing national acts to the area.

This past Sunday we saw another person with an extensive body of work that had a greater impact on me than I realized was possible, Sheryl Crow. One of those great situations on a beautiful evening to see a talented artist do what they do best. I realized how many of her songs have tracked me through my life from the break ups, to the joys, to having kids. I’ll be honest, she would not be on my desert island CD collection however seeing her perform at The Freeman Stage I was struck by the profoundness of her body of work, performed on stage that’s is the body of work of the Freeman organization. Those are the things that I draw inspiration from.

The proof is in the pudding. No one wants one thing to define them, one act, one product, one picture – no matter how good. Life is a portfolio and when you approach everything you do with the intent of making it the best sample to add to your body of work, it becomes your legacy for those who come after to enjoy.

Live Better.