Spotify is My Radio, Follow Me | Music Appreciation & Collaboration

spfrontHow could I be so blasphemous as to state that I don’t actually listen to the radio, when my partner in crime works for a local station? Well, I do listen to some radio when I’m in my car, but most often I am on Spotify. At my desk at work with headphones, at the gym, and on longer trips in the car. I never got into Pandora and some of the other music apps that make their own “playlists” of music, primarily because I like to be in control of the music that flows through my ears. Ever since I was in Jr High, I have always been the mixed tape queen! Rarely did I listen to a tape or CD that was just one band or musician, I always loved the blend of random music to go with my mood. Creating playlists satisfy that desire on so many levels, and with Spotify we can also create collaborative playlists with others. What a great way to be introduced to something you have never heard of, or thought twice about trying to appreciate.

I have a random musical taste, pretty much willing to listen to anything at least once. When I find something I LOVE it gets played on repeat until I find the next favorite. In my 45+ playlists created up until this point, I may have the favorite tune of the moment in several of those lists. Between Facebook, Twitter, some great online magazines and Spotify, I have been introduced to some great new music, which makes me strive to discover new music for my collection. I have several friends who are more than musically inclined that also enlighten me on both new and old music that I have fallen in love with. The first playlist I am sharing is one of the collaborative ones, titles Memories of Summers Past. Summer time seems to inspire music memories on the regular. Some of the songs that I will be adding can go back to high school memories of Senior Week when we were Juniors, staying at the no longer in existence Stowaway and listening to Guns & Roses and Slaughter, or the first time seeing G. Love & Special Sauce live at the old 9:30 Club in DC. Check out what we have so far, and be sure to come back and feel free to collaborate with us as well!

Memories of Summers Past