Spirit of ’94


The cool kids hangin with Mod Sun on the Cheyne video shoot

Some parents shuttle the kids around to soccer practice or  lacrosse game, some parents do,well….. other things. About a month ago we had the opportunity to put our kids in a music video. We were contacted by a friend and artist that we’ve known for a while now and is originally from the Ocean City area. Cheyne Truitt  has made a good name for himself in the piercing world and in the last couple years in the hip-hop world.   Hailing from OCMD, Cheyne has partnered with drummer Matt Thorson and now lives, works and makes music in the DC area.

But when it comes to videos he  always comes back to where he was born and bred to give a little love to the city that made him who he is.   Cheyne never is at a shortage of words.  Rapping genre bending music with hip-hop on one end, and punk on the other he seems to be a natural fit. He approaches his craft with the same tenacity that he to approaches everything.  He has opened for some major headliners and with a new record coming out, looks to further his career.

When he contacted us to help be a part of the music video for “Spirit of 94” which features national recording artist Mod Son we jumped at the chance. Interestingly having a reflective nature of the song he had actually wanted our kids to be involved to represent some of his years growing up. We have instilled in our children the sense of adventure and music appreciation that would enable them to be willing participants in such production. After two afternoons of shooting at the boardwalk in Ocean city and at our house in Berlin   We are  excited to see the final product and the part we’ve played in the Spirit of 94.    “It was all a scheme…..”