Pilates Anwhere, Anytime | Farm Foodie Fitness

The benefits of Pilates are endless! From injury prevention and weight loss to core strength and rehabilitation, Pilates is the one exercise that everyone should be incorporating into their lives and exercise regimes. I know…“it’s too hard, too easy, not for me, only in shape people can do it, you see a pose and say there’s no way you can get your body to do that!” I’ve heard them all, believe me!

Pilates is a low impact exercise that can be done anywhere. In your home using a DVD, at the gym taking a class, in a Pilates studio taking a private session, on the road when you’re traveling, even in a park or on the beach!

Everyone from pregnant women and new mothers to professional athletes, dancers, and celebrities are taking advantage of the life changing results and health benefits of Pilates. And Pilates is for anyone and everyone, kids, teenagers, adults, and the elderly can all do it!

Pilates is perfect if you’re short on time, too busy to go to the gym, or always traveling. You can see results with just 15 minutes a day! Pilates can relieve chronic pain, boost your energy and mood, stretch tired and strained muscles, build core strength, tone muscles, and gain flexibility. The benefits are endless and you can be a beginner to advanced depending on your fitness level!

So with the warm, long days of summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to get out there and get some exercise. Take a personally instructed Pilates mat classes while you soak up the sun, sand, and salt air! Classes are now in Bethany Beach, Delaware, near the Fenwick line, and at Castle in the Sand Hotel this summer! Check out the full schedule or follow us on Facebook. Hope to see you out there!