Support Local Business | The Green Room Expansion

So here at GCFL we support local business and always will, which is why I’m going on a rant.

Worcester County is looking to oppose the chance for a local business to expand  and continue to service West Ocean City with quality brands of liquor along with the fine selection of beer and wine they have always been known for. The Green Room is looking to expand now that the County is moving the county-run liquor store from next door to a brand new building much further away from West Ocean City. The owners of The Green Room, the Hamburys, have owned the business for 12 years, and Sara is a 3rd generation Worcester County business owner. Please show support for a quality local business, the hearing is Thursday April 18th at 12:50 in Snow Hill, spread the word!

You can read more in The Dispatch, and the graphics below will show how little money the county actually makes from the Liquor Stores, and the distance between current location and new.

Shows the location of the current liquor store in West OC, and the distance to the new one. The distance from my store to the DLC. is 4.7 miles. To drive from Golf Course Road to The Green Room is .5 miles. To drive from Golf Course Road to DLC is 5.2 miles and roundtrip is 18 STOPLIGHTS! That should be fun on a Saturday in July.

Look at the bottom line. Now the county is spending more money to oppose this major economic development by a family run business.

From the county budget.... liquor revenue 0.2%