International Children’s Book Day

This kind of goes out of my normal health and nutrition posts, but it also falls into the wellness category. And since I am a writer at heart and it’s where my true passion lies, I figured today was a great day to celebrate!

I just recently published my first fiction novel set in Tuscany, Italy. It is targeted to middle-grade and young adults, but it seems to have left its mark on adults, young at heart as well. Today is the perfect day to pick up a new book and read to your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, or even to yourself. 😉 Not only because I am a published author, but as a mama with two little ones that love their books and would much rather curl up with a large stack, choosing “Llama Llama” and “Fancy Nancy” instead the most recent episode of Sesame Street.

So in honor of this great holiday and Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, turn off the tv tonight and grab a couple of your all time favorites with your children, read to them or let them read to you. The best stories I ever hear are the ones my daughter seems to tell just by looking at the pages and using her imagination. (Makes me one proud mama! And hopes that maybe one day she’ll be a writer too!) 😉

Even if they’re too little to understand, making it a routine to read at least one book a day can increase their vocabulary, boost their imagination, help them learn the importance of language, and it can begin a lifelong relationship with books! So… celebrate International Children’s Book Day today! There are events, even famous authors speaking all over the world, but you can celebrate as simply as visiting your local book store for “Storytime” or just by finding your favorite place to read with your favorite little one!

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