Good Times with Pasadena and Skribe

Last Thursday at Brew River in Salisbury, Pasadena performed at college night and it was an amazing time.

College night at Brew River usually draws in a big crowd, but Pasadena drew them in even more. The band started playing around 10pm, where there were already students waiting for their set to start.

I got a chance to talk to them before they started their set; they were down to earth and really fun to be around.

They put on a great performance for everyone at college night. Everyone was enjoying the music and dancing along.

If you ever get a chance to see them you definitely should, they’re a guaranteed good time. If you can’t check them out in person you should go to their website where they have links available so you can listen to their music- you won’t be disappointed!


Skribe performed Friday night at Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin, also known as Maryland’s coolest small town.

This was my second Friday in a row seeing Skribe, and both times he played an amazing set.  He played a good mixture of his own original songs, as well as different covers by various artists.

Again, to keep tabs on Skribe, check out his Facebook page.