5 Ways to Make Your Lifestyle Change Stick in 2013

So it’s January 2013, and everyone is ready to get back in shape, get healthy, achieve some goals, and do things you didn’t do last year. We all jump on the inspiration for a new year and a clean slate to change habits, start over, try something new, forgive, move-on, re-evaluate, refocus, find hope, and make them all stick so that we can feel good about trying and succeeding on whatever we set our minds to.

Here’s my guide on how to make your changes stick in 2013.

1. Put It Down on Paper- We all have tons of ideas, recipes, things to do, places to be, errands to run, things to accomplish, dreams to chase, and passions to pursue. There is no way to focus on just one without getting them down on paper. So put them in a journal, chalkboard, cork board, break them out into categories on different sheets of paper and go for them!

2. Decide to do Something for Yourself- As humans we tend to focus on everyone but ourselves. Don’t you think 2013 is the best time to actually focus on something you’ve always wanted? It’s not being self-fish or abandoning your loved ones (believe me I feel guilty all the time!) Think of how much better of a parent, spouse, child, grand-parent, or friend you’ll be if you focus on yourself for once!

3. Set Goals- This can be anything from going to the gym 4 days a week to cleaning out your pantry and buying only good for your foods. From saving up for the vacation of a lifetime to learning a new instrument. To putting yourself out there more, making new friends, discovering new things, or even to just start living your life.

4. Put Your Health First- That old saying that keeps coming round… “without your health you have nothing,” is so true. If you’re chronically sick, laid up in bed, eating from every fast food joint in a 10 mile radius, overloaded on sugar and coffee, and laying awake at night so you don’t miss the “Late Late Show.” You’re bound to be sick, in pain, exhausted, miserable, and unable to function. Jump on the health wagon and start taking care of yourself-then you’ll be able to do anything you set your heart or mind to do!

5. Reward Yourself- You’re making changes and seeing the results. You’re finally seeing a difference in yourself, health, family, and lifestyle. Now go reward yourself! Not to say go eat the biggest banana split you can gobble down. Splurge on that aerial yoga class you’ve been wanting to take, go out for a nice dinner with friends, take a mini trip for the weekend, or buy that new outfit that you’ve been eyeing up that now fits you and is 2 sizes smaller!

Sometimes we all take life way to seriously. We never slow down long enough to see all it has to offer us because we’re too busy running around in a fury! 2013 is a new year to start everything all over. Cook more, sit down with family and eat, rekindle those old friendships you miss, start something you’ve always wanted to, set goals to get to Switzerland to go skiing in 2020. Put your mind to something and go for it! You’ve got a clean slate and nothing but yourself to hold you back! Just a small change in your lifestyle and who knows you may change the world! 😉 “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” -George Elliot

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