Rock Star Moment

I love live music and have often watched some of my favorite bands both big and small on stage and dreamt of being on stage with hundreds of people in the palm of your hand. For what ever reason, most likely laziness, I never developed my own musical talent. However I still had that rock star dream.

I’ve been around a lot of music with creating and my involvement with I’ve gotten to know some true rock stars and be up close and personal with some national acts. I’ve even had some small rock star stage moments myself MCing events and DJing clubs. All of that really only wets your appetite for wanting a little bit more.

On the Saturday before Halloween I had my moment, probably as good as I’m going to get. I Had the Pleasure of MCing the Costume contest at Seacrets and with a trip for two to Jamaica as the top prize, it is always a well attended event. The staff at Seacrets did an outstanding job of corralling the 10 finalists and with crowd response being the deciding factor narrowed it down to 5 finalist and then picked the winner.

I had the packed crowd in the Morely Hall following my every move as I signaled who to cheer for. It was quite a rush and in the end a winner was picked and no one booed me. Then I stepped off stage and conceded my rock star moment back to the people with real talent playing real music. Thank you musician friends for letting me borrow that feeling if only for a few minutes.

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