Figgy Buckwheat Pancakes | Farm, Foodie, Fitness

by Kelly Roberts

Farm, Foodie, Fitness

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we all here it all the time. Right? But why? Eating breakfast stabilizes your blood sugar for the day. Breakfast is just as it says breaking the fast from the night before. Studies show skipping breakfast makes weight control more difficult, it’s linked to obesity, you’re more likely to eat more at your next meal as well as snack on higher calorie snacks throughout the day.

I know breakfast is hard during the week, especially a bigger breakfast that takes more time prepare. Who has time when you’re half-dressed and pushing your sleepy-eyed kids out the door for school. It’s easier to stop at Starbucks for a latte and croissant or shove a sugary breakfast bar into your mouth leaving a trail of crumbs on your way out the door. So, as you enjoy your Saturday or Sunday morning this weekend. Enjoy a bigger, more filling, and healthier breakfast with my “Figgy Buckwheat Pancakes!” Figs are still in season so get them while you can!!

Here’s the quick low-down on buckwheat and figs. Buckwheat, despite its name is gluten-free and loaded with antioxidants, fiber, minerals, protein, and Vitamin E. Figs are great for people with diabetes, they are high in potassium to help control blood pressure and prevent cancer. They are full of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. They are one of my favorite things to eat because they are so sweet and you don’t have to feel guilty because they’re so good for you! So indulge and enjoy this delicious breakfast! Let me know how yours turn out!


8-10 ripe figs-cut into small pieces

1 C of buckwheat flour pancake mix

1 pasture-raised egg

3/4 C of almond milk

1 Tbsp olive oil

raw maple syrup or organic

Mix egg, buckwheat flour, milk and olive oil into a bowl. Heat pan with a little olive oil on medium heat. As the pan heats up pour mixture into pan. You can make smaller or large pancakes totally up to you. Smaller ones cook faster and easier to flip. As the pancake starts to bubble add figs, then flip until pancakes are fully cooked. Stack on your plate add some maple syrup and you’ll be in pure heaven!

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