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by Kelly Roberts – Farm, Foodie, Fitness

Some days are hard enough to get out of bed, but what about when your to do list is a mile long, you have a deadline to meet, the kids have umpteen activities, the house is in shambles, meetings, fundraisers, and the poor dog hasn’t gotten any exercise in 3 days because you’re already running on empty? How about the days where your mind is chock-full of ideas, you can’t write them down fast enough before you lose them, and you wonder how in the world you think you’re going to be able to do it all and still keep your sanity?

I know some days I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to start. For such a long time I got away from the things that brought me so much inspiration because I either listened to people who told me to give up and move on, to stop being a dreamer, and most often I came across people who thrived off of knocking you down, finding a way to demolish your self-esteem, and make you question everything you ever believed in, including yourself. (I know depressing right? It gets better I promise!) 🙂

The old saying “the older you get, the wiser you become” is so true or is it that we just finally get to a point where we say we don’t give a damn what you think about me and finally realize that life is short and you only get one to live to your fullest potential. And there will always be someone who doesn’t like you, what you do, or what you believe in. It took me a long time to finally be comfortable in my own skin, to not care if everyone liked me, and I can honestly say it took till I had my sweet little ones for me to realize all the other stuff doesn’t matter.

But there are still some days that you’re fighting back the tears, it’s easier to just curl up in bed, to give up, to stop fighting and stop standing up for what you believe because it’s just too hard…those are the days I seek out and find my inspiration. What makes inspiration so great and diverse is that it’s different for everyone. I know music used to be my #1 muse. Everything from Sam Cooke to Chris Botti and from Jonny Lang to Mumford and Sons.

Music for me can change my whole dynamics. Most times all it takes is your favorite song, an old one that rushes you back to your past, one the reminds you of someone, one that changed your life, or a song that just speaks to you. So I’ve vowed to find my inspiration again and engulf myself back into the music that moved me the most, the music that helped me chase all my dreams, follow my passions, and help me to go after them day after day. Some times it just takes going back to your roots, digging down deep, and finding “what moves you to tears, what makes the blood rush to your head, your heart skip a beat, your knees shake, and your soul sigh,” Emily Dickinson once said.

So find your inspiration! I have many things that inspire me so you don’t have to choose just one! It can be cooking, reading, traveling, sewing, your kids, giving back, sports, helping others with your gifts, the possibilities are endless. And know that when you’re inspired, it inspires others! How great of a ripple effect is that? So go find your inspiration and I hope it brings you endless possibilities!

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