Artist Spotlight – David Ferron

For the past several weeks I have been focused primarily on musicians and bands in the area due to the fact that I play music and perform myself. What I haven’t pursued in great extent is artists in the other arts. Due to the fact that I haven’t been home this entire summer I felt that a great way to break into another realm of artists is to start with my very talented brother David Ferron.

David was accepted to every school that he applied for: RISD, SVA, The Art Institute of Boston, MICA, and finally the school of his choice Parsons the New School of Art And Design. After he chose to move to New York City and join the New School he found his niche in fashion design and from there on out he was working his butt off to be the best in his class. After his four years at the university he graduated with the very prestigious declaration of designer of the year.

He is currently working for Behnaz Sarfpour as an assistant designer and production manager. is a small New York luxury designer focusing on high-end designer women’s ready-to-wear.

Though David has always been a naturally fantastic artist, his hard work and countless time put in has made him into a professional designer and a person that people want to interact and do business with. He is creative, motivated, and on the way to a successful future. Using the education he has worked hard for and his natural skills, David Ferron is bound to be a success in New York and the design world around the world.

This past weekend was also a blast so I had to show some photos of our weekend and the background that we have from our local farm and our

Check out some of his awesome stuff at his Tumblr site.

If you are interested in his work and would like to get in touch with him e-mail him at