Ocean City’s 2nd Annually Zombie Bar Crawl

Last Saturday night the zombies of Ocean City came out to have some drinks collect canned goods and eat some brains.

The second annual Zombie Bar Crawl took place this past Saturday night and it was a great success. Though there was not as many participants this year the zombie spirit was still thriving. Upon arrival I was just the normal me coming in with my back pack and a beanie on when all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with zombiefication. I turned into the undead and walked among them.

As we made our way down the boardwalk we were turning heads left and right, scaring children and adults alike as we heard them yelling “Halloween isn’t till next month!” We just went on our undead way and laughed till the next location on our path. With every bar we stepped into there were¬†pictures being taken, souls being eaten, and fun being had by all. With each bar it seemed we would meet up with more zombies and/or convince somebody to join the apocolypse.
I am looking forward to next years crawl of the undead and am excited to see how big of a group we can get. The more the merrier as they say, more like the more the scarier!