VOTE NOW for Gabrielle Howell’s Logo for No Doubt

We at GCFL are very excited for our friend Gabrielle Howell and her submission for the new No Doubt logo, in a contest that starts today. You can also see her Artist Spotlight below that was originally posted back in May 2012.

Please take the time to look and vote here!

I was fortunate enough to meet Gabrielle years ago at a photo shoot with Jillian Hughes of Bombs Over Betty Photography. Little did I know how vast her creative talent was at the time! The beautiful thing about social media is the ability to follow artists as they grow and change over time, luckily for me Gabrielle and I are friends on Facebook, but I also follow her GAB: art & design page, as well as her work on Pinterest.

Gabrielle’s work spans across the mediums, from illustration, sculpture, graphic design, costume design and paintings. Some of the work I have displayed in the gallery below spans the last 5 years, but the paintings are what really captured my attention most recently. The thing with art is the interpretation of a piece is different for each individual, and I cannot quite put my finger on why I am so drawn to them.


Beautiful, ethereal, feminine yet very strong…This one here is from Cesarean Voices Project and speaks volumes to those who have been through the experience.

In Gabrielle’s own words:

i am a versatile designer and artist living and working in tulsa, ok. i am always looking for new challenges creatively and open to whatever comes my way…

ART: custom illustration, paintings, portraits, murals, sculpture & much more

DESIGN: branding & identity systems, promotional materials, poster design, invitation design (ie: wedding, birthday, etc) & digital illustration


See some more of her work below and visit her website for more information.