Bond and Bentley at Buxy’s Salty Dog | Ocean City MD

by: Chris Ferron
aka GoodCleanFerron

At the old Steelers hang out on 28th street A.K.A. Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon, Bond and Bentley arrived with some of their original jams and a couple of covers to get the crowd moving. Initially after their first song I had to ask the door man if they were playing originals or covers. After he said that they were doing mostly originals my ears perked up and I started snapping photo’s.

The band on Saturday consisted of Ray Wroten on the acoustic and lead vocals, Stan Wetters on bass, Alex Watts on drums/percussion/vocals, Kevin Cooper on lead guitar and Ian McFie on keys and vocals. These guys were very professional and sounded great. They are based out of Baltimore and I was very pleased to see them in such a close setting there at Buxy’s.

Adding even more class to the evening, a wedding party came in about midway through their first set so Bond and Bentley played one of their only covers of the night: “Sexual Healing.” To be completely honest and this goes for any talented original band, I enjoyed their originals better than their covers. I was grateful to have met these young men and I really enjoyed their music, I wish them well in their endeavors and I’m sure they will continue to be successful. I was also thankful to be able to get one of their CD’s, I suggest you buy one too.