John Eddie at Crabbers Cove – Good Clean Ferron

Crabbers Cove was visited by John Eddie and his band this Sunday night bringing in lots of energy and classic songs from the 60’s and 70’s. The band included John Eddie himself on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, David Halpern on the drums, Ted Russell on the pedal steel, Kenny Aaronson on the bass, P.K. Lavengood on the lead guitar, and finally Ralph Notaro offering his talent on the acoustic, the mandolin, the electric guitar and also back up vocals.

These guys sounded great and really got their crowd involved. John Eddie is a natural leader on stage, constantly keeping his audience stimulated with some really great classic rock songs. As he continued on in the night he would ask song after song, “How do you all feel now,” with the crowd cheering louder and louder after every great rendition. Eddie himself has had lots of experience already within the music industry including his release of his single “Jungle Boy,” for columbia records in the late 1980’s.

He has a new band now and one that creates a great dancing atmosphere for the 40-60 year old crowd and allows for a lot of interaction with them, even inviting them on stage at points during the night. I have always been an avid listener of classic rock so regardless of my age I was also tempted to join the dance floor. John has moved on to creating his new album entitled “Same Old Brand New Me,” which can be purchased at any one of his shows along with T-shirts and stickers. After speaking with him after the show he mentioned that the band and him have been playing for 5 days straight and that his voice was horrible. So if that was one of his bad performances then I can’t wait to catch him on a good night because he rocked the place.

Check out John’s web-site at for more information on him and to check for a performance schedule so you can follow these guys to a great time.