The Benefits of Honey | Farm Foodie Fitness

by Kelly Roberts – Farm Foodie Fitness

Honey, so good and so good for you! Honey has so many healing and wellness benefits it’s a wonder we don’t put it in everything! Honey is a natural sugar so it’s perfect for replacing artificial sweeteners like Equal and Splenda. You can put honey on anything you want to sweeten from spreading it on your morning toast and adding a spoonful to your tea to covering pancakes, add it to smoothies, and even bake with it!

The benefits are endless. Honey is an antioxidant, an antibacterial, energy booster, immunity builder, and fever reducer. It is a natural remedy for arthritis, burns, cuts, sore throats, sleeplessness, and hangovers. (Yep, I said hangovers!) Honey is also an anti-cancer, it possess anti-tumor properties and carcinogen preventers.

Honey is loaded with vitamins A,C,D,E, and K. It also has beta-carotene, B-complex, and tons of minerals including iron, manganese, calcium, and copper. It neutralizes toxins throughout the body, balances blood sugar levels, reduces muscle fatigue, improves digestion, and is a great source of carbs for an extra energy boost. Take a spoonful before heading off to the gym, it’ll get you to the extra mile you been waiting to conquer!

Local honey is the best for helping with allergies. The bees pollinate the flowers local to your area and they contain some of the pollen spores that cause allergy trouble. By introducing the spores in small doses, the body becomes

accustomed to them in turn decreasing the chance of a reaction from your immune system. The method is called Immunotherapy, “the idea behind eating honey is kind of like gradually vaccinating the body against allergens.” From

You can find local honey from Dean’s Honey, out of Salisbury, Maryland or also Baue’s Busy Bees, can be found at the “Historic Lewes Farmers Market.” Remember honey is great for and can be enjoyed by everyone except children under the age of 2. Since honey can sometimes carry bacteria that causes botulism food poisoning.

Summer is quickly coming to an end, now is the perfect time to find an abundance of local honey. So make sure to stock up for the winter! Here’s to all things naturally sweet!