Grow Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps | Farm Foodie Fitness

by Kelly Roberts
Farm, Foodie, Fitness

Got enough compost for the summer? Don’t know what to do with all those leftover scraps from all your fresh produce? Bet you didn’t know you could take your produce waste like carrot and beet tops, sprouted garlic, and the “eyes” popping off your wilting sweet potatoes and replant them in your garden and grow new vegetables? You can regrow everything from celery to parsnips and leeks to garlic.

• For carrot, beet, radish, turnip, and parsnip tops… cut off the tops and fill a container with some small stones, place the them on top of the stones and fill with water just above the stones. New green tops should start growing within a matter of days!

• For leeks and spring onions…cut off the “nib” or end pieces where the roots are growing. Place them in a small bowl of water in a warm sunny window.

• For garlic… if it has started to sprout you can plant them directly into damp soil in your garden.

• For potatoes and sweet potatoes… cut off any “eyes” or “buds” and plant them in your garden and they will grow a separate potato plant for each “eye.”

• For celery…cut the bottom off and place it in a dish of warm water overnight to give it a jump-start.

photo from Farm, Foodie, Fitness

After a few days you should see new growth, then plant all these into your garden and watch your cuttings grow into vegetables. Once they’ve matured start the process all over again! Make sure to keep an eye on your water levels in your bowls, new cuttings suck up a lot of water in the beginning. You can also save your tomato and grapefruit seeds and even your peach and avocado pits to start seedlings and trees. Good Luck and Happy Gardening!

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