Ocean City Maryland’s Surf Photographer – Nick Denny

Nick Denny is funny, easy going, and pretty talented.  He can pack surf supplies with the best of them.  I know because that’s what we do at Coastal Surf Supplies.  Oh yeah, he also is pretty good at taking pictures.  Turns out he was laid up a couple years back and couldn’t surf so he started taking pictures of his buddies, one thing lead to another and a water housing later and now he has some of the top surf photographers in the world following his stuff.  Surf Photography is a difficult game to break into much less make a name for yourself.  If you add the fact that your local break is unpredictable with cloudy water it adds an even higher level of difficulty.    Nick Denny is Ocean City’s  Maryland’s Surf Photographer, but sometimes he heads to diffferent locations to shoot  ( like the one Below) .  Check out local surf shops in Ocean City MD to grab yourself a print or online a nickdennyphotography

"Cloud Dive"