So What is a Locavore? | Farm Foodie Fitness

by Kelly Roberts
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So what is a “Locavore?” People are using this term and vowing to stand by what it means more and more these days .A Locavore is a person who represents or takes part in the growing local food movement. A revolution that seems to be taking this country by storm, people are finally getting fed up, taking a stand, and fighting back for what they believe in. Whether it’s about what our children and families are consuming, how factory farm animals are being treated and raised, or about the artificial preservatives and chemicals that are being put into our everyday foods. Americans want to know why this country has so much chronic disease, diabetes, obesity, and the stigma of being unhealthy. We need to look more at what we’re buying and consuming, even questioning the labels, and marketing ploys we put our trust in into. (But this is a whole other post. I’ll get off my soap box for now!

Locavores are a collaborative effort to build more locally based, self-reliant or food economies,” states Or in other words people who are committed to eating food that is grown and produced within their local community or region. This usually means within 100 miles of your home or if you live in a more rural area up to 250 miles.

Locavores buy most of their products such as fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, fish, eggs, honey, and other products from their local farmers markets or by joining a CSA (community supported agriculture). It also provides support to your local farmers and small businesses. Most local farmers will grow organic or use fewer chemicals on their farms; this reduces air, soil, and water pollution. Buying local also allows you to consume foods that are fresher, better tasting, and more nutritious. Instead of factory farm raised, smothered with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and also trucked for over thousands of miles to get to your grocery stores. Buying local allows you, the consumer to try new seasonal foods and less processed store-bought products.

Summer is finally here and in full force. there is no better time to visit your local farmer markets and stock up on all their incredible fruits and vegetables. You can even purchase home-made breads and baked good, preserves, skin care and beauty products, home-made gifts, fresh cuts flower, and unique annuals and perennials for your yard. I bought two perennial hibiscus plants 3 years ago and every summer I get so excited to see the giant pale pink and fuchsia blooms! It’s extra bonus because I know they’ll come back up and I don’t have to replant them!

If you live anywhere on the coast of Maryland or Delaware, here is a list of farmers markets for the local area that are open from now until late September to early October. Berlin’s farmers market stays open all year-long as well as Asbury’s Organic Farmers Market in Salisbury.

Worcester County:

  • Berlin- Open all year on Fridays 10-3, Wednesdays 2-6 during the summer
  • Ocean City- Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays 8-1
  • Pocomoke- Fridays and Saturdays starting at 8:00 am
  • Snow Hill-Tuesdays 2-6
  • Ocean Pines- Saturdays 8-12

Wicomico County:

  • Camden/Asbury Church- All Organic and Open all Year on Tuesdays 3-6 (This is a great one!)
  • Salisbury- Wednesdays and Saturdays 7-12

Delaware Beaches:

  •  Fenwick-Mondays and Fridays 8-12
  •  Bethany Beach-Sundays and Wednesdays 8-12
  •  Rehoboth Beach-Tuesdays 12-4
  •  Historic Lewes-MY FAVORITE! (We go at least once a month thru the summer-that’s about 80 miles from my house to go to this farmers market-but the trip is so worth it because it’s sooo good! They also have lots of events and festivals, fun for the whole family!) Saturdays-8-12
  •  Selbyville-Saturdays 9-2
  •  Millsboro Thursdays 8-12

I hope this post helps you find and support your local farmers markets, find healthier options for your families, while also saving you money, and trying new products and recipe ideas. Well, I’m off to my local market for fresh kale, salad turnips, and fresh cage-free eggs for the week. Happy Hunting and Enjoy!