Good Clean Ferron

Being in Ocean City for the summer is definitely eventful. Between playing music for money on the boardwalk, listening to fantastic bands such as Pompous Pie at Buxy’s Salty Dog on 28th, and getting pulled over by an Ocean City bike cop while driving my 94 Toyota Camry, there is always something to keep one on edge. Recently Todd and I emailed each other about me writing a weekly column for Good Clean Fun, I quickly obliged because I knew that being a single man in OCMD makes for an interesting lifestyle.

This week before heading into work I jammed on the boardwalk to make money so I can eat food and pay for beers at the Burley Oak Brewery with Mark Huey and Tony Russo at the weekly Podcast. The boardwalk thing has been pretty interesting and has helped me with gaining experience playing in front of people while getting in touch with them through my music. After work this past Wednesday I went to Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon and sat in on Pompous Pie, which brought me back to shooting them in the studio at Ocean 98 for the GCFL documentary. Afterwards I went back to my ridiculous 8 person house and kept the music and party going as we usually do.

One more side of Ocean City that has just been an absolute peach has been the OCPD. All I can say is that they do their jobs well. We have been entirely too loud at my house and they have stopped by a couple of times and been very understanding and now it’s our turn to be nice and shut up for a while. Also I was pulled over by a bike officer, yes a bike officer for not having my seatbelt on. I also didn’t have my registration in the car at all so I could have been nailed for that as well, but this cop was the absolute man and let me off. He said I could have had upwards of a $75 fine but he was just too cool for that. I have been sure to keep my seatbelt on and put my registration in the damn glove compartment so I should be good for now. We have also been keeping the noise down in the house which is keeping the neighbors happy. It’s pretty awesome to have a police department that enforces their job but is still very understanding and willing to talk.

This upcoming week I’ll be playing on the boardwalk as much as possible, checking out some of the hot entertainment in the area, and trying to snap a couple of photo’s of the madness in the process. Come down to the boardwalk south of 3rd street around dinner time sometime and come listen to me play or follow me on Twitter @goodcleanferron to see where I’m heading throughout the week. I wonder what’s gonna happen this week…