GoodCleanFerron: Welcome to GCFL

My name is Chris Ferron and I am officially on the good clean fun life train. It all started when I met Todd DeHart at the Globe in Berlin. I was asked to perform at an event called OC Originals and I of course obliged. Through this performance Todd helped me get onto Live Lixx at 6 which inspired me to keep performing and improve on my music. Some time went by as I was going through school at Salisbury University completing my degree in communications with a minor in music and I took a documentary course which required a full length documentary. I instantly thought back on Todd and Natalee and their website, and how they are always connecting with music and arts within the local community. I thought that it would be great to capture their crazy and busy lifestyles on film.


Through this documentary I got to know the DeHart family very well and discovered that they were in need of an intern for the upcoming summer. That’s where I am right now. They asked me to capture the lifestyle that I was living in Ocean City this summer: a single college-aged young man on the prowl for fun. Working in Ocean City, living with 7 other people my age who also work in OC, and being a local musician all provide me with the opportunities to hear about interesting events and specials in the area. Working with GCFL I will promote and capture these special events using pictures, video, and blogging from the perspective of a young single man in OC. So if you’re looking for a good clean fun time in the area check out what I’m talking about and maybe I’ll see you there!


As I continue my work with GCFL I hope to gain an understanding of how to network myself, become a better writer/photographer, and build a reputation as a musician within the area. I am excited to see what I can learn and what I can produce in terms of rich original media content.


Tweet at me @goodcleanferron