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by Kelly Roberts
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Since the New Year began, I’ve been juicing every morning. I know, I know you’re thinking “Eww, I’d have to hold my nose to get that down!” But trust me when I say it’s delicious! And it’s the perfect way to add more greens into your diet without tasting them! I’ve always been a big salad and greens eater so this wasn’t too hard for me, but I’ve had many people say there’s no way they could do it and with one sip, they’re hooked! Even my 3-year-old asks for her “green juice” every morning and most times she’s begging for more! I’ve even got my husband addicted and he wasn’t always the best eater. Now he says he has to have it every morning to feel good and function throughout the day.

The advantages of green juice are endless, it can jump-start a diet, it can be used for cleansing and detoxing, it’s easy to digest, and loaded with antioxidants. (These help prevent the aging process! So, see it makes you pretty!) 🙂 Green juice fills your body with vitamins and oxygen. I’ve even been able to cut back on all the supplements I took every day, now that I’m drinking green juice.

Since the body doesn’t have to spend the time breaking down the vegetables you’re consuming, it can focus on detoxifying, absorbing the nutrients, and focusing on healing and repairing itself. Since I’ve started drinking green juice, I’ve seen my energy level double. (That’s saying a lot with 2 little ones under the age of 3!) My skin has a glow; my hair is thicker and shinier. I feel  lighter and I’ve also watched those last 5 pounds of baby weight disappear within a week! So you want to try it out? Here’s the perfect recipe to start you off and as you continue, you can start to cut back on ingredients or substitute for different greens and fruits and make your own green juice recipes. You can also cut back on the dates and bananas if you want it less sweet. Just remember to buy organic produce, the fewer chemicals you consume the better. Hope you love it & Happy Juicing!

Recipe: Makes 64 ounces


3 cups of water


2 large handfuls of organic spinach


2 organic bananas


1 whole organic apple-seeds and core


1 whole organic lime or lemon – zest too!


4 Organic Medjool dates

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