Weddings, Good Clean Fun for Life!

We cover a lot of events, concerts, night life, and lifestyle sports like surfing and skating. We are into music and art.  We  try to promote all of those things and that is what you hear most about, assuming you actually return and read on a regular basis.  While covering the stuff we love and having fun doing it is great, there are some events that we are involved in that we don’t really publicize, but often they are the most rewarding… Weddings.

Yes, I officiate weddings, and I find it to be one of the most enjoyable events that we book.  Yeah I did the online thing and got ordained no fuss no muss, but as much as I don’t take myself too seriously I take this duty with the reverence that I feel it deserves.  It started years ago when two friends that we had introduced to each other fell in love and wanted to get married.  I think because of that fact and that my Father was a Methodist minister I was best to serve as officiant by proxy to my dad.

I enjoy being a part of someones “Special day,” and offer an option for people who want a casual, non-denominational service. In some cases I’ve turned around to DJ the reception too.  Which begs the question – Should I be a Bachelorette party dancer to be the ultimate wedding triple threat?  That would surely cause a few raised eyebrows from some MOTBs (mothers of the brides).  I’ve met some great couples and been part of some fun and unique weddings, that seem to be the trend right now.

I would hope that our great historic town of Berlin will continue to capture the imagination of people looking for their perfect wedding.  Its good for the area and good for business but most importantly its a great place for some crazy kids to get all hitched up.