New St Patricks Day Traditions from GCFL

The yearly tradition of attending and documenting the Ocean City Parade took a back seat this year.  Instead we had a special family event to attend, a St. Partrick’s Wedding.

Irish Maryland Wedding!
Cousin Brandon, a cop in PG County and Christina, a lawyer; their wedding was not just your standard affair but included all the great touches that made it a St Patrick’s celebration as well.
Beautiful bride and groom, my cousin!
 Irish Cloggers, kilts worn by the Grooms men and of course Guinness served at the reception and of course bagpipes, were just a few of the highlights of a typical Irish celebration.
Irish Dancers
What made it even better was the gathering of all family but especially the Patriarchs.
The Golato Brothers, the Italian side of the family

The church and the reception locations were separated by a stretch of Charles Street in Baltimore that has one of the finest Irish pubs in the area,  Mick O’Sheas, and a couple other great spots.  Time between the ceremony and the reception allowed for the opportunity to meet some new friends from the wedding on both sides of the aisle.  A couple Irish Car bombs and rounds of beers all in honor of the new married couple made for a wedding experience like none other.

Pre-Wedding Guiness at Mick O’Sheas

It was a great new tradition of visiting new places and making new friends for some good clean fun. Where should we celebrate St. Patrick’s next year? How about getting Berlin into the mix!