Johns Premium Cigars – Celebrates One Year

Congratulations are in order for Johns Premium Cigars in Berlin MD who celebrated their one year anniversary on Saturday Night. Jeb and Jamie invited customers to come out for some complimentary eats and drinks to have with their favorite Cigar. Jamie even played a little music with some friends. It was great to see a small new business doing well in Berlin, and gets me excited about the future of my little town. Has I spoke to an attendee of Saturday nights festivities.

“I remember when Berlin was a little hick town” she remarked to me. ” now you have all these Young people getting involved in new Businesses”Yes that’s right Berlin has gone from Hick to Hip. Lets hope it continues, and best of luck to Johns Premium Cigars and thanks for paving the way for other new small business. Check them out on Facebook

Owners Jeb Deickman and Jamie Mcdonald

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