Radio Show, Broadcast & Interactive: The PartyZone

Ever hear the phrase “That person is like Radio, all talk no show.”  I may have created the exception to that phrase this past Saturday night.  I have been doing a radio program on Saturday nights for a little less than a year now.  When I started, I was honored to be approached by one of the only independent rock radio stations in the country Ocean 98.

There are a couple of potential reasons I was approached by Skip Dixxon, the programming director at Ocean 98, to fill a spot for a Saturday night show.   It certainly was NOT  my smooth deep radio voice, absent of ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’. Perhaps it was the fact that I’ve been doing a Podcast for over a year with my partner Tony Russo and although I don’t enjoy the sound of my own voice as much as Tony I do enjoy spinning a wit or two.  Also, I have been creating content for this site with my other partner Natalee  (partner in life as well) with a  focus on art, music and entertainment.   Another reason might be that I kept showing up to Bulldogs –  Rude Awakening Show, that they finally conceded to letting me run the board, to at least keep me out of the way.  Since getting this tantalizing opportunity I considered creating  a “multi-cast” or basically broadcast two different shows simultaneously – one music, for the station;  one talk,for the web site.

This past weekend on Friday night we had a wind storm that knocked out the video portion of the ‘watch and listen live’ feature on the stations website.  I took this opportunity to fill the void of no video with my own recently acquired HD web cam .  So I fired up my laptop and opened up my Ustream Account and directed online listeners to the GCFL.TV website if they wanted to see the video to accompany the audio from the website.
To dive-in even deeper to the program, listeners can also jump on twitter and follow @slmlivetweet to get all the snarky comments and insights about my show.  Run by none other than Tony Russo and started a few weeks ago, the live twitter feed has gained about a dozen followers (which apparently are all Russian prostitutes?!?.)  but that has not stopped Mumford and Sons from retweeting from our feed and Jimmy Haha liking our status.
All of these parts culminating  in a SHOW including a full radio broadcast show, a simultaneous behind the scenes video blog, and an interactive Social media campaign.  All done without alienating the 100s of terrestrial listeners.
So this little experiment seemed to work .  Was  I allowed to do it?  I didn’t ask.  Is it wise to be posting about it?  We will see.  But I figure if I can drive interest and traffic to my radio show everyone makes out.  Who knows maybe I’ll be able to do a Call-in relationship help show called ‘Matters of the DeHart.’  At any rate it is all in good clean fun.
 Thanks to Skip and Bulldog for letting me on the radio and thanks to Tony for the twitter feed and thanks to all my listeners….all 5 of you. And stay tuned to GCFL.TV for more.  and tuned in all the time to 98.1 the Best of Rock.