Artist Spotlight A_n_D

A_n_D, who has just released his first project C’est La Vie online has already had over 5,000 in downloads and as handed out close to a 1,000 hard copies locally.
“The concept of C’est La Vie is based off of the phrase which in english is “Such is Life.”  Between talking about the loss of friends to drugs, alcohol and jail. The issues of relationships, the woes of society, and the highs and the lows, I wanted to give people a chance to understand me and my life over the past couple of years.
I took the production very seriously. My intro and outro was produced by The Best Kept secret, who is Wale’s personal producer and produced one of his smash singles “Pretty Girls.” I also have three different tracks produced by a good friend, Mikey Mike, who is currently signed to Universal/Beluga Heights who is owned be superproducer JR Rotem and he is currently working on a single with Sean Kingston.  Other producers included Truth out of Crisfield, MD and Scootie J who is local to Salisbury, MD.  I wanted to stay regional with the producers as I feel they create a sound that is unique for our area.
I do a majority of the hooks all the lyrics are mine… I have features from Alex and Shiloh which perform all through Ocean City in the summer and the tri county region in the winter.  Also got help from Royal Leopard from NC who also engineered my whole project, and C-Mack from DE.”

Born Andrew Dean Davis in a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, A_n_D has become a master in the art of multitasking. The 26 year old father of two recognizes the importance of a positive work/life balance, while still dedicating any and all time available to living his dream. For most, it’s human nature for us to often get comfortable in certain situations in life and forget to take the time to remember what we want to be here for, where we came from and why we are even here doing this in the first place. As an artist if you are not going to shoot for the ultimate goal, then honestly…. what is the point?
This could possibly be on of the toughest struggles in life – embracing your past – using it as guidance – and not always focusing on the fact that it was a rough road. Understanding to appreciate the difference can change your life. And for A_n_D it has.