Top of the Dome: Annapolis Maryland

Traveling over the bridge this weekend for the big music show at Rams Head on Saturday, we made a pitstop to see some friends in Annapolis. For February, it was a balmy day with clear blue skies and warm sun. We met at Middleton Tavern down by City Dock. For me this was a trip back in time, growing up in Crofton my first job in high school was at Lee’s Ice Cream on Main Street in Annapolis. We used to hang out on Friday nights at city dock in high school, and I celebrated both my 21st birthday and bachelorette party in this setting, going from bar to bar for good times. Many of those bars are no longer around, but new ones have popped up in their place.

Sitting outside at a table for some drinks and lunch at Middleton Tavern, we started with what our friend suggested: Oyster Shooters! After enjoying that delicious combination of fresh oysters, amazing cocktail sauce, followed up with a cold shot of National Bohemian, we enjoyed lunch and then head towards the State House.

Maryland history truly is something I don’t think I fully appreciated growing up. Of course on field trips we took the standard tours, but entering the State House as an adult, after studying History in college, it all seems so much more interesting. Our states capital is the spot where George Washington resigned his commission from the Army, in 1783. It was here, that Congress ratified the Treaty of Paris which ended the Revolutionary War.
While on our tour of the State House, we were able to walk into the House chambers to see where our laws are created. A sneak peek also into the lounge where our lawmakers go during session for more involved conversation in regards to the action on the floor, or to grab a bite to eat on the late night sessions.
The best part of this trip was the opportunity to visit the dome of the State House. Talk about history! There is grafitti from the 1800’s on the beams that hold up the dome. The structure is incredible, especially when you think about how old it is, and how large the beams are that constructed this building. What a beautiful day to see for miles! Next time you are traveling and find yourself near Annapolis, take the time to take in a bit of the history, along with the amazing restaurants, bars and artists that fill this city.
Natalee DeHart
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I moved to the Eastern Shore to enjoy a slower pace of life after spending several years working in fast-paced settings. Earning a BA from Towson University and an MA in Education from Loyola University provided me with the drive to progress in many business fields. As the owner of Good Clean Fun Life, an arts and entertainment magazine online, I have had the opportunity to spread good vibes, promote entertainment, artists, and events across the Mid-Atlantic region. GCFL provides me with many opportunities to practice a few of my favorite hobbies: photography, socializing, and blogging. GCFL is now headed in a new and exciting direction, allowing me to grow this into a full time venture in Digital Promotion using Content Strategy and Media Production.