Grammys Grammys Grammys

By Tony Russo

Sometimes on Saturday night, I like to tune into Todd DeHart’s radio show on Ocean 98. If you are really not the go out Saturday night type, like me, you can actually watch the show on the station’s Webcam.

Mostly what you would see if you bothered is Todd standing in front of a microphone waiting for his chance to speak.

I’ve started cyberstalking him, though, and tweeting a critique of his every move and also of his playlist. As it turned out, it was kind of fun so we’ve made it a regular thing. The reason I even bother mentioning the fact is that we’ve added it as a kind of homework assignment for the Todcast. It’s a way to stay in touch with our Internet shenanigans through the week and on the weekend as well.

The twitter handle for the Secret Live Meeting is @slmlivetweet. We made it separate from our personal accounts because, if you’ve ever accidentally followed a live tweet, you know it can be tedious if you’re not playing along. We don’t want to become invasive.

As we discovered during the Todcast, there is more than one way to look at whether the Whitney Houston thing is important, but frankly, if you’re into that debate we’re not going to enlighten you.

Again, we try and keep it local but the Grammys invaded our space and were dealt with and dispatched as quickly as possible.

Also dealt with but not dispatched was Chris Ferron, the Salisbury University student who is making a documentary on the local arts scene. He was really there for Todd and the GCFL scenesters but had enough to add that he didn’t get all the way cut out.

In Bryan Russo (still not related) news: he’s got a big show this weekend in Baltimore, in honor of Pirate Rob. I don’t really know who that is or why anyone would go, but Todd is emceeing, and since he never misses a chance to ask if Bryan and I are related we spoke at length about that. The first time Todd got involved with the project he was under the misimpression that it was a roast.

Pirate Rob had to ask him to knock it off, which I think is awesome.

Feel free to join us 6 p.m. each Tuesday for the Happy Hour Todcast at Burley Oak Brewery.

If something tragic keeps you from coming out you can always check out the resulting recording Thursday afternoon by subscribing on iTunes. Just type GCFL into the search bar at the iTunes store to subscribe. It’s free, fun and only requires a half-hour listening investment. Fair warning before you listen: Put on your irony hats, kids. It’s all in good clean fun.