Hottest Power Couple in Tech: Sugar Inc.

Building a brand on the web, I spend a lot of time looking at web related stuff – picture sites, entertainment sites, social media sites, blog sites, etc.  It is not all frivolous surfing, although some of it is, most of it is to stay on top of trends and ideas in industry marketing and business.  Having a lifestyle magazine website is playing in a big sand box with a LOT of players.

Most players in the web media world are small, like us, but because of the accessibly through the internet it is easy to think you can be a big player.  I try and stay grounded in what we are, but relentless in thinking about the possibilities that we could be.  A source of inspiration for me as always been the success of a high school buddies little sister.  I remember this cute little tween, that I even joked about taking to prom.

Lisa grew up and married a great guy and 5 years back her and Brian started a little celebrity/ fashion blog site called Popsugar. Today it is a powerful media brand and this week they were named one of the 18 Hottest power couples in Tech by Business Insiders.  They were named along side of some pretty notable folks, like Bill and Melinda Gates.  But I know they are still a grounded family business.

Congratulations to Lisa and Brian and thanks for leading the Pack! If you want to know whats going on in the world of entertainment make sure you check out